Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Sour Diesel (1g)

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CBD Jelly That Packs a Punch
Are your customers looking for a CBD jelly that is the perfect pick-me-up? Then this Plant of Life CBD Jelly containing 22% CBD Sour Diesel strain is their sure bet.

The sour diesel strain of CBD smells exactly like diesel with a hint of citrus. It might not sound like a good combination to your customers until they get a good whiff of this unique strain. Researchers discover CBD properties on mood and depression, so the intense nature of this strain is all your customers will need to lift their spirits and get into that energetic, euphoric state that boosts creativity and chases anxiety away.

Give Your Customers What They Need
This Sour Diesel jelly extract will chase any blues and tiredness away, as long as your customers don’t mind the strong smell. In this era of remote work, the potential benefits of CBD are all your working-from-home customers need to go through another day of staring at screens and endless Zoom calls. So, why are you waiting? Today, stock this wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Sour Diesel.

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