Happease Extracts Tropical Sunrise Sugar Wax 62% CBD (1g)

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The Perfect Solution For Your Customers
CBD wax is one of the products with the most concentrated amount of CBD, and the great benefits of CBD have been demonstrated through numerous studies. Said that CBD has potential super effects on the body, explaining why it’s a fan favorite.

There’s no doubt that your customers will love this product, which is a combination of 62% CBD, with the amazing Tropical Sunrise formula. Happease Tropical Sunrise, like all Happease extracts, is a full spectrum extract, containing all cannabinoids including CBDA, CBG, CBC, and CBN. It also has several terpenes that produce what we know as the entourage effect.

To give your customers a great potential alternative for stress and anxiety, based on studies, purchase our wholesale Happease Extracts Tropical Sunrise Sugar Wax 62% CBD (1g).

Terpene Profile – The Secret Ingredient
The topical sunrise sugar wax is well known because its terpene profit contributes tremendously to relaxation and calm in times of maximum stress or insomnia. Also, researchers discovered the incredible benefits of CBD against chronic pain, so the Happease Sugar Wax could also be used to potentially help relieve chronic pain, since, over time, its benefits are long-lasting.

Since terpenes are all about smell, their addition to any product enhances and improves the scent and aroma of the product. The most abundant terpene in tropical sunrise is Myrcene. It is specifically praised for its calming and relaxing properties. This explains why the Tropical Sunrise Sugar Wax 62% CBD has such a relaxing effect. Your customers will love this product, no doubt. Add another amazing Sugar Wax to your bright range of CBD products. Shop with us today!

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