Happease Extracts Mountain River Ice-O-Lator 35% CBD (1g)

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Here’s One For The Chill
Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? Yes here is the perfect extract for the customer looking to chill and relax. The Happease Extracts Mountain River Ice-O-Lator is aptly named as it always leaves your customers feeling like they’re flowing through a calm, tranquil river. Using a process that involves freezing and agitating the trichomes of the cannabis plant in ice-cold water, Ice-O-Lator extracts are the most natural form of CBD Extract there is. When you stock this product, your customers will be confident that they are purchasing an extract containing unadulterated CBD.

This pressed powder also contains the OG Kush strain. Known for its relaxing effects, this strain with its earthy aroma is the reason behind the product name ‘Mountain River.’ Perfect for taking after work, this extract ensures that your customers lose all the stress and anxiety that might be piling on their shoulders. The health advantages of cannabidiol are not left behind, as mentioned in the previous research, together with other benefits, this Ice-O-Lator extract is an entirely healthy way for your customers to end their day.

Give your customers the chance to enjoy their extracts just as they want!
Ice-O-Lator offers your customers a chance to explore their pleasure and experience the calm, soothing euphoria reminiscent of a mountain river however they want. This product can be recommended for both beginner users and the more experienced veterans depending on their choice. The close-to-nothing THC content makes it even more suitable for a broader range of customers.

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