Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Raw Natural (1g)

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The Way To Improve Your Customer’s Life
Without chemicals and without artifice, Plant of Life’s CBD Jelly 22% Raw Natural is all about simplicity and quality, for the more experienced cannabis fanatic. This is a CBD resin variety that is closest to the authentic aroma of hemp. Your customers must adore the natural, vegetable, and earthy aroma of raw cannabis plants. The 22% Raw Natural CBD Jelly is Sativa-dominant and naturally rich in CBD. Each piece on display contains 1g of resin with 22% pure CBD content.

Purchase our wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Raw Natural to offer your customers a product made from 100% natural hemp, grown without GMOs or pesticides.

Why’s Raw Natural CBD Resin So Good?
Finally, your customers will be able to discover all the healing properties of hemp, in its wildest form. Plant of Life’s CBD Jelly 22% Raw Natural is made from pure resin, without any trace of THC. Some studies show and confirm the benefits of CBD for focusing and calming the mind, that’s why The Raw Natural CBD resin is ideal for avoiding stress and anxiety and chasing away negative thoughts. It is, in particular, its Sativa heritage that is responsible for all these potential positive mental effects.

That said, this 22% version is more suitable for users that already knew the product. Regardless, the resin of CBD Raw Natural does not trigger any psychoactive effect, since it is completely free of THC. A good dose of freshness to discover the benefits of CBD naturally.
Another fascinating product to add to your high-quality range of CBD products – keep real cannabis fans coming back for more.

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