Happease Extracts Tropical Sunrise La Crème 28% CBD (1g)

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The Softer Side Of CBD
Not all Ice-O-Lator extracts are dried after the cannabis resins are collected. The gelatinous extract produced after the initial extraction can also be packaged and sold as La Crème extracts. The wholesale Happease Extracts Tropical Sunrise La Crème 28% CBD is obtained through a process that involves freezing and agitating the trichomes of the cannabis plant in ice-cold water. But unlike the Ice-O-Lator extracts, these ones are not dried after extraction. This produces a soft, resinous cannabinoid compound.

The Happease Extracts Tropical Sunrise La Crème contains the Zkittlez CBD strain. A genetic descendant of the Grape Ape Indica and Grapefruit Sativa, this strain is as delectable as the multi-colored fruity snack with which it shares a name. Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? This strain will give your customers the benefit of feeling relaxed and a mood-lifting experience, ideal for a laid-back evening after they have had a busy day.

This extract also contains 28% CBD, with its many health benefits. For customers looking to have a healthy extract, this is an ideal option for them.

Undiluted Quality
At Simply Green, customers satisfaction is a priority and this means that we source the best, finest, and purest quality products to sell so that your customers can also enjoy good quality products at affordable prices for a most pleasant experience. Happease is a brand famous for its delicate attention to detail and careful extraction process to preserve the natural essence of its products. Your customers would be getting the best!

Join our train of satisfied customers today, and you will be back again in no time to shop with us.

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