Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Sugar Wax 62% CBD (1g)

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The Strawberry Experience Is Magical
Happease created the Strawberry Field line of extracts, to give cannabis lovers the outright euphoria of strolling through a strawberry field. Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD?. That means that if we put together the healing benefits of the Strawberry field formula in the sugar wax extract, it develops into a unique product that potentially guarantees stress relief and a greater performance boost.

CBD wax is one of the products with the most concentrated amount of CBD. Your customers will love this product. Based on studies, CBD is a great option to improve anxiety and sleep problems. So, to give your customers a great potential alternative for stress and anxiety, purchase our Wholesale Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Sugar Wax.

Terpene Profile – The Secret Ingredient.
The strawberry field is a fruity blend of a hybrid of Strawberry Bubblegum and Ghost OG terpenes, combining their properties for the ultimate sense of relaxation. The strawberry field is unique because of Limonene, the most abundant terpene in the Strawberry field. It is characterized by a citrusy, lemony, and orange aroma and is also found in citrus rinds, juniper, or peppermint.

Limonene is praised for its antianxiety, anti-cancer, and digestion properties. It can help your customers elevate their mood and reduce stress. Since terpenes are all about smell and taste, their addition to any product enhances and improves the scent and aroma of the product.

Why not add a Strawberry field Sugar Wax to your bright range of CBD products. Shop with us today for our amazing wholesale prices!

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