Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Ice-O-Lator 35% CBD (1g)

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Kick In The Nostalgia Of Childhood Joy
Do you know how, once in a while, people want to go back and experience their childhood memories all over again? Well, here is a CBD extract that will feel like a blast from the past for your nostalgic customers. This extract containing the Strawberry Bubblegum CBD strain will remind your customers of their childhood’s simple, carefree days. Full of fruity, berry-like flavors and aromas, this strain will leave your customers feeling happy and relaxed.

Specialists have discovered the incredible benefits of CBD on factors such as anxiety. This is perfect for a simple evening of relaxation and musings, this extract will potentially ease the stress and anxiety of your clients while enhancing their cerebral activity. This will give that perfectly balanced state where they relax in one place while their imaginations are roaming free, just like a child. The Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Ice-O-Later also contains 35% CBD with all its health benefits that include enhancing muscle tonicity, improving heart health, and boosting the nervous system. All these benefits combined are enough for your customers to love this extract.

Your Customers Will Get To Experience Unadulterated CBD
Ice-O-Lator extracts are so named because of the unique method in which they are obtained from the cannabis plant. This process involves placing the fruitful parts of the cannabis plant (the buds and leaves) into the icy water. This process separates the pollen from the plant material, making it easier for the essential resins to be gathered and dried. The result is a natural, unadulterated substance full of all the necessary nutrients for your customer’s health.

There are many ways your customers can enjoy this product and it can be recommended for a variety of customers too, giving you a wider market range with more profit margin. Make sure to stock the wholesale Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Ice-O-Lator 35% CBD for your customers today.

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