CBD Sport Lip Balm with CBD 5ml

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Grace Your Shelves With This Lip Moisturizing Balm
CBD sport lip balm enriched with hemp oil is the easiest way to keep lips moisturized while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Made by blending sunflower oil, olive fruit oil, and capric acid enriched with hemp oil, this light green balm keeps lips moisturized and glowing. The light green balm is expertly prepared after analyzing every plant extract and formulating them in the right proportion. The yield is a soft delicious scented balm. The hemp oil scent keeps the mind relaxed while capric acid and olive fruit oil is the perfect scent penetrating nostrils to keep users alert.

Delivered in a Sleek Container, wholesale CBD Sport Lip Balm with CBD comes in a light green small container packaged in an attractive pack. This colorful pack draws customers’ attention and the bold label draws them to analyze the product. The container is easy to open and the fine-textured content inside spreads evenly on the lips.

A Sweet Scented Balm
The ingredients used in making this mildly scented lip balm are tested extensively in the CBD Sports labs before combining them to a fine balm. Hemp oil used is carefully extracted from the stems of the hemp tree and analyzed to ensure it has no traces of THC. The other ingredients are used sparingly to ensure the balm is gentle on the lips.

If you want to stock a CBD lip balm that clears from your shelf fast, buy wholesale CBD Sport lip balm with CBD 5ml from SG. We stock the best quality products prepared and formulated by world-class manufacturers to enable you to give your customers the best.

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