CBD Sport Heating Balm 52mg CBD Hot Formula

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This Sports Balm Is A Must-have. Here’s Why…
Wholesale CBD Sport Heating Balm 52mg CBD contains vanillyl butyl ether, a compound that helps in maintaining flexibility at the joints. It is made from camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol, CBD extracts, and methyl salicylate. Camphor and eucalyptus oil gives the balm its invigorating power while menthol extracts and CBD penetrate into the body to relax muscles. The sensational smell from a blend of eucalyptus and menthol accentuates the calming of muscles and the soothing effect of the balm.

A 0.062 pack of this sports balm contains about 52mg of CBD without THC. The cannabidiol content is essential for muscle relaxation. Anybody can use this balm without neurotic effects.

Can Withstand High Temperatures and Has a Long Shelf Life. This muscle-relaxing cream can withstand temperatures up to 25? making it easy to store. It has a long shelf life of six months minimizing the chances of expiry before use.

Safe for Use
Sport heating balm is formulated to bring optimal muscle relaxation to all users. The product is safe for use for both males and females and is ideal for use before and after vigorous activity to keep body muscles supple. Stocking the balm in your shop will offer you a wide range of customers including gym enthusiasts, people who want to stay active at work, and those who want to experience the warming sensation of CBD. The hemp extract used in this balm is THC free, and every ingredient is lab-tested to ensure safety before use. A lab report on the label makes it authentic to all customers. Buy wholesale CBD Sport Heating Balm 52mg CBD hot formula from simply green and give your customers the best massaging cream.

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