Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 30% CBD Paste (5ml)

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Quality Ingredients for a Quality Product
Pharma hemp golden amber 30% is a quality paste from Pharma. The cannabinoids rich product contains terpenes and is super critically extracted with CO2 to preserve all the ingredients and give it a natural spicy taste.

Other ingredients in the product include:
Industrial hemp
Coconut oil
Shea butter
Cocoa butter

Before mixing the ingredients into a fine product, they are analyzed extensively to ensure users get only the best. The end product is a spicy flavored paste, rich in CBD and free of toxins, parabens, and artificial food additives and flavors. The cannabis Sativa trees are grown and tended to organically, hence free of harmful chemicals.

A Perfect CBD Paste for Vegans
A 5ml bottle of this product contains 30% CBD (1500mg), hence 1ml contains 300mg of CBD. A 5ml pack can last your client for many days.

Add this CBD-rich product to your shelf and give your vegan customers a product that meets their needs. This product is ideal and popular among customers because:

A small quantity contains high CBD content (300mg/ml)
It is easy to use and offers vast benefits
It has no THC hence non-narcotic
It has a spicy, tantalizing flavor
It is packed in a classic bottle and wrapped in a sleek packet making customers feel classy.

You can order wholesale Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 30% CBD Paste from SG and enjoy reasonable returns. The stock turnover rate for this product is high hence you are sure of maximum profit. Each pack has a lab report with an official certificate of analysis to prove authenticity and ensure your customers are getting good value for their money.

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