Hemp Oil Soft-gel for Cannabis Lovers
Give your customers the opportunity to enjoy this unique CBD product. They are a source of certified, natural CBD. Research has shown that CBD has multiple health benefits and can act as an anti-inflammatory, antianxiety, and neuroprotective agent.

Produced naturally by Enecta in hemp plantations located in Italy, Wholesale Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 1000mg CBD Soft-gel contains full-spectrum whole plant extract. This means that it consists of other hemp plant compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. Studies have corroborated that when multiple hemp plant compounds are present together in a product, it causes an ‘entourage effect’ which increases the health benefits of the CBD product.

With all these possible benefits, your customers will not let this product stay 2 seconds on your shelves before grabbing it up. Purchase Wholesale Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 1000mg CBD Soft-gel today at our wholesale prices.

A Climate-friendly Hemp Product
Here is a product made with your customers in mind. The soft gel is designed to be portable and easy to carry around. Each packaging of Wholesale Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 1000mg CBD Soft-gel contains two blister packs with 15 pieces each, for a total of 30 pieces and a CBD percentage of 10% (1000 mg). The thoughtfully packaged soft-gels are presented in a blister pack. This makes them easier for users, as each piece contains approximately 33.6mg of CBD.

This form of packaging also guarantees the hygiene and functionality of the extract. To top it all, the capsule packages are formulated to be less intrusive to the environment. Made from 30% post fibers and 70% pure virgin cellulose fibers, this product is mainly biodegradable. It will be the absolute favorite for climate-conscious customers.

Inside each unit: Hemp seed oil, Cannabidiol, Natural tocopherols (E306)
Unit shell: Water, edible gelatin, Glycerol (E422)

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