Cannatiger CBD Balm 0.5% – 150mg (30ml)

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A lip Balm To Keep Your Lips Protected.
Winter is hard on the lips, everyone knows that. A CBD lip balm is perhaps the perfect solution to chapped, dry lips that irritate and create so much discomfort. According to research CBD can potentially benefit your lips’ hydration.

The Cannatiger CBD balm is a well-made lip balm that harnesses the research-proven soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Consumers get a safe, THC-free lip balm, free of pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, in compliance with the COA. With O.5% CBD and other important cannabinoids present in each bottle, the Cannatiger lip balm is a good fit for almost every consumer. Purchase our wholesale Cannatiger CBD Balm 0.5% – 150mg (30ml) today.

The presence of CBD makes an average lip balm great!
According to this study, CBD includes antimicrobial properties which help keep the lips protected. As an antioxidant, CBD can help skin stabilize free radicals and better defend itself from overexposure to the elements. CBD also has the potential to help reduce redness and irritation around the lips, which is beneficial for consumers who have cold sores, allergies, or inflammatory lips as a result of a dehydrated epidermis.


Each bottle of the Cannatiger CBD balm contains 150mg of CBD, cinnamon leaf oil, cajeput, menthol, and soybean.

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