Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies 10mg (40pcs/box)

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The Original, Remastered
Cannabis Bakehouse’s CBD brownies are a must-have if you are looking at stocking up on high-quality cannabis edibles. They look great on display in collective packs and also individually. Each brownie contains 10 mg CBD, is THC free, and all are made under the highest standards with natural terpenes.

A Brownie Never Look So Good
Some studies prove that CBD can potentially benefit not only to relief from anxiety, depression, seizures, and pain.That’s why Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies offer your consumers a simple, delicious, and handy way to get their CBD benefits. Plus, on cancer, research has shown that some cannabinoids may slow tumor growth and even cause tumor cell death.So, what are you waiting for? Your customers deserve the best. Get our wholesale Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies, and give them the best.

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