Plant of Life CBD Solid 10% OG Kush (1g)

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Every Cube Is Rich In Flavor And Non-Narcotic
These tasty CBD cubes are made from pollen extracted from certified industrial hemp enriched with terpenes and kush flavor. Every ingredient is natural and sifted giving the cubes a rich natural spicy flavor. It is an ideal product for CBD users who want to experience the benefits of hemp juice without getting psychotic.

Lab-Tested And Medicinal
Before blending the different strains to produce OG kush, they undergo a series of tests by experts to eliminate unwanted strains. The best extracts are then carefully blended in the right ratio and enriched with kush. Every CBD user will love the rich, refined goodness of this product. Did you know that CBD can potentially help against stress? strain in this product is refreshing, stress-relieving, and pain dulling, which attracts more users. Patients with different health needs can take CBD OG kush and find relief. If you want fast-moving CBD products, add this product to your shelf and grow your customer base. Its medium-sized pack serves to attract customers while its benefits retain them.

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Ingredients: Industrial hemp extracts, 10% CBD, Terpenes

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