Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Bubblegum (1g)

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Let Your Customers Experience The Unique Scent And Taste Of Bubble Gum CBD!
Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Bubble Gum contains the unique Bubbe Gum CBD strain. Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? Yes, This product is best known for its dual potential benefit on the body. Physically, it soothes chronic pain. This goes a long way in reducing the risk of injury to the muscles and joints. It also helps release tension that accumulates in certain parts of the body. Mentally, it eliminates stress and anxiety, thus allowing your customer to partake and benefit from better sleep and less anxious days.

This CBD jelly has many health benefits for your customers due to the 22% CBD present in the extract. Buy the wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% BubbleGum and give your clients a shot at it. They are sure to come back for more.

With Jelly Extracts, Versatility Is Everything!
These Bubble gum jellies can easily be chewed, swallowed, or dissolved under the tongue. Also, you get to make more money by selling complementary commodities such as bongs, rolling papers, and vaporizers, as they are always easy to market with these jellies for your customers who would not like to pop them into their mouths directly.

Just be sure to tell them that not all vaporizers can be used to vape CBD jellies because these jellies usually clump together. Also, make sure to stock the ideal vaporizer for these products so you can be the one-stop-shop for everything jellies and accessories.

Additional Information:
Packet Weight – 0.02kg
CBD % – 22% CBD
THC – Less than 0.2%
Content (g) – 1g
SKU: 29056

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