Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 20% CBD Paste (5ml)

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A Golden Paste For CBD Users
Your CBD customers will not resist this Pharma-made golden paste for their CBD needs daily. Made from natural extracts drawn from the cannabis Sativa tree. Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? Yes, this paste is rich in cannabidiol for a robust experience of calmness after use. The easy-to-use container with a syringe and the classic dark packet will attract customers’ attention and translate into sales in a minute. Pharma Hemp golden amber is made from full-spectrum CBD carefully extracted from the hemp tree. To preserve the natural composition and ingredients, hemp juice is drawn with CO2 to minimize the loss of terpenes and other plant flavors. This adds a sensational touch to the blend. Each hemp tree is grown on natural soil free of herbicides, fertilizers, and plant growth boosters to ensure the trees remain natural.

Buy our wholesale Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 20% CBD Paste and offer your customers the fastest way to experience CBD effects. They will love the natural taste and the robust, invigorating experience as proven scientifically by research.

A Fast Moving Product For Greater Profit Margin
Your customers will love this product and clear it off the shelves because It is purely natural with no chemicals added. Its detoxifying effect from a blend of terpenes makes it unique. Its high CBD content relaxes the body and relieves anxiety in a minute. It is THC-free and hence not psychoactive. It is easy to administer and ideal for a wide range of customers. A single 5ml pack can serve customers for many days.

Its ingredients are:
Industrial hemp
Coconut oil
Shea butter
Cocoa butter

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