Give Your Customers A True Citrus Harmony
This citrus oil’s flavor and aroma are created from the harmony of mood-boosting natural orange and lemon essential oils. Thanks to its size, its 15ml portable spray format is easy to use and can be transported comfortably. You can assure your customers of its quality and increase their confidence. Each bottle of oil has a QR code, which directs to the analysis carried out by an independent laboratory when scanned. This analysis confirms and certifies its composition and absence of THC. So they can rest assured of no psychoactive or narcotic effects.

Get A Work-Health Balance
Our wholesale Harmony Citrus CBD Spray is perfect for your customers who have a busy lifestyle but still do not want to compromise on experiencing the numerous health benefits of CBD as part of their daily wellness routine as mentioned in different researchs. This formulation is essentially an impressive harmony of hemp sourced broad-spectrum CBD extract blended with other cannabinoids and plant compounds. It comes with a delicious and fresh citrus flavor and is available in three strength levels, making it an ideal spray for use by your customers with different needs and goals.

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