Cibdol Meladol Liposomal Melatonin CBD Oil (30ml)

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Potent Liposomal Formula
It is nice for brands to say their products are effective and top-notch, but it’s better if they can also prove it. Cibdol’s potent liposomal formula is not only lab-tested but backed by actual lab research. Experts have discovered the incredible benefits of CBD when it comes to dealing with factors like anxiety and sleep.

Purchase our wholesale Cibdol – Meladol liposomal melatonine CBD oil (30ml) today. This powerful liposomal liquid delivers maximum CBD and melatonin concentration for the end-users, and it will definitely fly off your shelves.

Powerful Sleep Inducing Liposomal Formula
Meladol liposomal melatonin CBD is the ideal supplement for initiating a healthy sleep cycle as mentioned in previous research. The product contains CBD, which has been shown to be effective at dealing with sleeplessness and the hormone melatonin. Some of the known benefits of melatonin include lengthening the total sleep time and shortening the amount of time it takes for one to fall asleep. The combination of melatonin and CBD is good for enhancing sleep quality in both children and adults.

With an absolute focus on quality, Cibdol manufactured this formula to ensure good absorption of melatonin. The formula also allows for the maximum concentration of CBD to reach cells and deliver more effective results. The CBD in this formula is packed in liposomes, which are protective “bubbles” that transport ingredients through membranes into target areas for enhanced benefits.

Meladol liposomal melatonine CBD oil is manufactured using prime European hemp. The oil does not contain waxes, fats or chlorophyll, which is why it has a golden colour and smooth consistency. Cibdol’s proprietary filtration ensures that all impurities are eliminated, leaving only the beneficial profile of active compounds.

Ingredients: melatonin (1.5 mg/ 1ml), hemp extract (2.5 mg/ 1ml), water, glycerol, SOY lecithin, ethanol (2.3 vol. %), vitamin E, vitamin B6, Potassium sorbate, terpenes.

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